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Driving the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is to benefit from a reinvented experience thanks to an agile platform and dynamic powertrains. In designing the CMF-EV platform, particular attention was paid to ensuring that vehicles could combine the pull of an electric motor and a lively chassis without impacting comfort. Brand new power steering has been added for agility and direct feedback. In addition, the Parallel Link multi-arm coupling on the rear axle ensures solid traction for a safer drive.

The thinner battery (110mm) means the centre of gravity is lower (-90mm compared to the Mégane ICE) and the car is more agile. Weight is evenly distributed thanks to the battery being housed under the floor.

Driving sensations and driver position are directly correlated. The driver position in the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is low-lying and saloon-like, and best conveys the dynamic feel of the car’s chassis.

For rear passengers, the incline of the rear seat (27°) combined with the completely flat floor area means the rear passengers can keep their feet flat on the floor without having to raise their knees, which is considerably more comfortable for long trips.

The innovative ‘Cocoon Effect Technology’, developed and patented by Renault engineers, brings a level of audio comfort that is unparalleled, even for a naturally silent electric car. A layer of sound-absorbing foam has been pressed in between the car’s floor and across the whole battery. Improvements are best felt above 18 mph as it creates a sound cocoon most often found on premium saloon models. Moreover, the ‘Cocoon Effect Technology’ is very lightweight; it weighs 3 kilos less than regular sound proofing and is enhanced by an additional door lining.

The new generation MULTI-SENSE settings and the OpenR Link multimedia interface allow drivers to adapt the car to their personality or mood. They can be accessed via the OpenR touch screen, or a brand-new button located on the steering wheel. The various settings cover items such as driving sensations (power steering, engine calibration, accelerator responsiveness) and on-board mood (lighting, driver seat comfort, heating, instrument displays and colour), while three pre-programmed modes (Eco, Comfort, and Sport) combine the best of these settings for simplicity. A fourth mode (My Sense) offers a configurable blend of settings. The driver can switch between any of the modes at any time – even by voice command.

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