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Faults and Technical chat for the Renault Megane Electric
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Post by Phorridge »

I have a case open with Renault on why the apps I've installed in the car can't get internet access unless I use my phone as a hot spot or connect the cat to the house WiFi.
The default Google apps seem to have internet access but no other apps. They all give network errors.
My understanding was the on board SIM gives 2Gb data for an initial 6months.
Are others finding this?
The effected apps are:
And 2 EV charge point apps.

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Post by tarbat »

You need to create an Orange account for the car. That gives you 6 months and 3GB free.
See ... range.html
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Post by Phorridge »

That's that's all sorted now.
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Post by Adrian121 »

Thanks @tarbat. I had the same issue and sorted now
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Post by HilmarTomas »

Does it use e-sim or is there a physical card somewhere?
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Post by Phorridge »

Not seen mention of a physical SIM so would guess Esim
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Post by Diefenbaker1977 »

Once you'd registered for Orange Business Services, did you have to wait a few days for it to activate? I registered yesterday and linked it to the car's VIN, but the built-in apps (Amazon Music and Waze) are both saying they don't have internet access 🤷‍♂️
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Post by sinlessUK »

Be fun to see how long 3GB will last. Better off using a phone or MiFi and hotspot. | | | |
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Post by Garyevans »

Hi, car arrived yesterday. I love it. I have set up the Orange 3gb option mentioned above. Any idea how I actually activate it in the car? Had the email from Orange confirming everything, I have (finally) connected My Renault to the car but no obvious sign of what to do next. Thanks in advance.
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Post by Jerpers »

Once I linked the My Renault account to the car the data plan seemed to be working. No actual confirmation message to say it is working but has been on fine.
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