False alarm triggering.

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Post by Smike »

Hi everyone. Had my Equilibre for three weeks now. I’m enjoying it apart from the alarm going off for no reason.
I’ve contacted the dealer and will be booking it in soon, but any ideas anyone?

I’ve disabled the hands free mode to try. But no change. Tried both keys.
I can live with it as I disable all alarms by pressing the door switch on the dashboard for 5 secs, with the door open, then shut the door.
The seperate booklet I got with the car (it has a number 5441 on the front) on page 20 gives a diagnostic on the alarm.
When the alarm goes off and I press the unlock on the remote, I get two beeps.
The info on page 20 says the volumetric protection was the cause of the alarm…..

But apart from that I’m happy with the car. Haven’t been on any long journeys yet though.

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Post by sinlessUK »

Common issue >> viewtopic.php?t=390 <<
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Post by Tilleyfan »

One solution is to have the alarm disabled permanently by the dealer- which is what I had done after several wiring re-routing attempts failed to solve the problem
. The alarm now seems to be an optional extra from looking at Renault’s website.
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Post by Tonka73 »

Hiya having the same/similar issue. Car has been back with them twice for various possible fixes.... However as of yesterday we learned something new......... What we have found is that one of the keys fobs is good and the second is not. We have one of those faraday pouches from Halford and when we put the second key in that no more false alarms. Speaking to the dealer after this realisation.... have stated its a known issues but very new and it seems to be something to do with key cloning protection ..... They have stated a solution is being worked on.

Hope this helps
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Post by Tilleyfan »

Interesting, though I think removing the alarm is the best solution: can you remember anyone hearing a car alarm and thinking that it was being stolen??
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