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Post by Megane »

I have been on the priority list for the launch edition and now they have extended the deadline to 31 October to book a launch edition which i understand is to ensure customers can test drive the car. It shows that the Launch edition has not been as popular as initially imagined with people rushing to book. Does anyone think this is clever marketing to make more Launch edition cars and what really is the benefit of that model.

Also what are the real differences compared to techno. Anything missed?

1. Harman Kardon stereo
2. Different design Alloys ( but same 20 inch)
3. 360 view camera
4. Digital rear view mirror.

And we pay £1500 more for the privilege.

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Post by Rob »

It is without doubt clever marketing, releasing something limited like they have here with the exclusive wheels and gold bits on the design.

I guess if its worth it comes down to personal choice and as for future value - this depends on how you are funding it.
If you're buying cash say, would you get the extra £1500 back when you come to sell, no. You might get a bit more and it might be easier to sell if its desirable.
If you're leasing or PCP or something like that. Future value should be built into your payments so you shouldnt need to worry?
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Post by 51mes »

I ordered mine because I wanted the Harmon Kardon, I've love their systems in my previous Jags. the 360 camera and the digital rear view are I believe going to be useful, but not essential, having said that the 360 camera setup in my ipace was much better than the plain reversing camera in my previous XE,,, - the techno edition's rear view camera is based on a few test drives is probably good enough.

However the launch edition deal maker for me was the fact that by the time you had specced a colour (fancied blue or grey) with the black roof on the techno I was in for nearly a grand anyway so the jump up to launch edition was only about £500 - usually HK is worth this on it's own and made the colour decision for me, the other stuff in my mind are effectively freebies,

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