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Applecrumble wrote:
Mon Nov 14, 2022 10:36 pm
Very frustrating - I still can't get the My Renault site (UK, French or German) or app to accept my VIN number. I keep getting an error message - almost wondering if I have been given the wrong VIN! Is there a way to check progress based on order number?
You don't need the VIN to track your order. As long as the dealer has used the same email address for you as you are using to login to then the order details should be viewable by using the INSPECT procedure described earlier, or by using

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I just login (to French or German site) using My Renault user ID and password. It is only while logged in that I was able to find out my VIN
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The information doesn't seem correct on the German website. I've recently had a call from the dealership, my Renault was in transit while this website still is on the same point of "processing"
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I'm afraid the order tracker is talking nonsense (as are Renault when speaking to the dealer).

My dealer has been told my car is due in the UK tomorrow but the French tracker says it's still being built (it has been "being built" for two solid weeks now when a quick Google suggests most car production lines take well under two days from start to finish!). The dealer says two delivery shipments have already failed to materialise this week.

The German site says it is awaiting transport (for about a week now).

I do not expect the car to arrive in the UK tomorrow and therefore the estimated delivery date range looks extremely unlikely too. Frankly, whilst the dealership has been ok, Renault as a company don't seem to be able to organise the proverbial in a brewery.

Sorry but my advice, from experience, is DO NOT rely on the dates you are being quoted. I suspect the delivery dates quoted will pass with no car in site and we will all wait considerably longer than we are being led to believe.
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Post by Applecrumble »

Thanks for helpful responses about accessing build info on French or German sites. Tried the INSPECT method but no luck.... however the phone app has just accepted the VIN code and is showing an option to connect to the vehicle so I'm going to take that as a good sign that at least the car exists!
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I know I am not meant to pay too much attention to this, but I can't help getting excited by the appearance of a third green tick on the tracker today! The car has possibly left the factory...
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We have a launch edition on order and the dealer showed us that manufacture was due early November

Thank you for all the advice on the thread as I can see that the french website does indeed indicate that the car has been manufactured


Getting excited now!

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Morning All.

New to the forum but I've been watching for some time now. I've got a Launch Edition in Ceramic Grey on order and had an email from the dealer late yesterday confirming that my car had arrived in the UK at Portbury Docks in Bristol. Fingers crossed for lots of you on here who ordered straight away and had build dates around the start of November your cars came into the docks on the same boat as mine.
Hopefully not long to wait now.

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Evening folks

I've been reading with interest for the last while, I was talking to a dealer at the weekend who said they had a fair bit of cars on the way, stated they arrived in the UK on the 22/11.
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Well, my estimated latest delivery date passes tomorrow and the car doesn't look to have been moved to a docks in mainland Europe yet, let alone been sent to the UK (surprise, surprise). Given, the dealer says it generally takes two weeks from docking in the UK to reaching the dealership (and as the dealer will doubtless need a few days to prepare, check and register the car) it's looking like it will be an absolute minimum of three weeks late and, as that is the last weekday before Christmas, I strongly suspect it will actually be January at the earliest (given three weeks assumes the car goes to a docks today). Interestingly, the earliest estimated delivery (to me) still shows as last Sunday! Sorry, but as mentioned before, don't trust the tracker! My order was placed 2 July by the way...
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