Lane control seems to bias to the left

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Post by Phorridge »

I like the assisted cruise control with the gap distance being managed but I've noticed the castle tends to want to be more to the left than I drive. So I'm constantly fighting the steering.
It would be good if it learnt that and compensated or there was a user setting to allow lane position bias.

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Post by rwiddecombe »

I noticed the same issue pulling to the left on the journey back from the dealer on collection day. Decided to switch off Lane Keeping assist using button under the dash by right thigh - been perfect ever since. As an experienced driver, I feel confident controlling the vehicle myself :D
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Post by Phorridge »

Yes you can turn it off but on long journeys it reduces fatigue if the car mostly steers itself.
I've learnt to just let it run slightly left.
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Post by ninja9000aa »

I got a new one today. It is also biased towards the left. Very frustrating. It should be adjustable or learning.
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Post by prettyvacant511 »

Yes, it’s not just me that noticed this!! Had it running on dual carriageway (UK), spent most of it crashing through potholes which it would have avoided if it moved 12” to the right. Always feels like it’s just too far to the left, gives me major trust issues with it 😱
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Post by sinlessUK »

Used this feature once when I first picked up the EV as a trial. Not used it since, same as rwiddecombe ;) | | | |
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Post by neilgall »

I use it all the time on motorways and dual carriageways. I did notice the left bias at first but either it's more centred now or I've got used to it.
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Post by mirka »

Battery Life on Y Tube mentioned this specifically when he was testing the Megane. He said that he got used to it pretty quickly. I had this issue on my previous Kia Sorento (2021 model) but it didn't tek along for me to completely forget about it. I reckon it is either the car actually being centred to the left, or that I tend to drive further to the right and so the car, being centred, feels like it is further to the left. It does tend to feel a little weird when driving past lorries though.
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