Why isn't there a smart charging option available?

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While doing my daily dance of unplugging and re plugging my Megane into my Zappi charger to try and get some sort of Eco charging going on with the intermittent sunshine today I was in the My Renault app on the charging screen toggling between the 3 charging modes in the hope I could get the Megane to change status from charge complete (while only at 50% ! ) to awaiting charge so my Zappi charger can send it charge.
There is a small i information icon and when you click on that it has a number of links to helpful topics.
One topic is smart charging mode.


This indicates there should be a smart charging feature or mode. Why doesn't the Megane have it?

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Sounds like zapi chargers don’t like meganes. I had a Zoe for a while as a run around and I suspect the charging is similar. The wall charger I have is programmed for charging off peak but won’t start if the car is also programmed ( currently Cupra Born ) here’s hoping my charger likes my megane when I get it home.
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