no apps at all, deal breaker for equilibre version ?

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Rus Radu Cosmin
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Post by Rus Radu Cosmin »

Hello friends
This is Radu from Romania, I have equilibre version at the dealer, waiting for government grand.
I just noticed the are no apps for the cheapest version of the car, except Android Auto, also the car only has ECO mode, no Sport, Confort, or Personal... !
In my opinion the lack of route planner, with map on the main screen, and the dependency with phone pairing means car is not smart not real EV.
The whole OpenR entertainment has no internet connection, so equilibre version is a different car all together, deal breaker for me.. !
What do you think, should I keep the car and just use it with Android Auto ?

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Post by Paulio1978 »

I have an Equilibre, and I didn't know fully the complete differences between this, and the Techno - initially, I was a little disappointed if I'm honest as the Apps & maps, multisense and interior mood lighting isnt there...but, as time has gone on I have to say those things just haven't bothered me. There is an ECO mode, which can be set by the favourites button on the steering wheel - very unlikely I'd use any of the multisense options anyway on in everyday use.
With the Android auto being Bluetooth, as soon as you get in the car, it automatically connects anyway, and that's the preferred media/navigation I probably wouldn't even use the Renault version even if I did have it.
So, on reflection I don't regret going for the Equilibre, but the things I would have liked is the wireless phone charging, which is annoying not to have - but that'll be able to retrofitted at some point I'm sure. And the upgraded stereo, as I have to say the Equilibre stereo isn't that great.
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Post by Leni16 »

There isn't a Renault version, the operating system is full Google like the polestar, it's really good, you can "Hey Google" a lot of the commands radio, heated seats, etc
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