Lost 8% charge overnight.

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Post by Phorridge » Mon Feb 20, 2023 8:58 am

Did a long 200 mile run and on the way home topped up with charge to leave me with 10% charge when I arrived home.
As normal the car over estimated the charge needed quoting 9% left anticipated at end of journey as we left the rapid charger. But we showed 12% as we pulled on the drive.
I plugged in with the car set to start charging at 9am and Zappi set to eco mode.
Needless to say the car didn't start it's charge so I had to unplug and plug but was then surprised to see the car charge down at 4%

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Post by vini » Tue Feb 21, 2023 11:46 am

numbers don't seem to mean very much at the moment, whether its because of the cold or something else. I haven't had the experience you have just had, but every trip I take seems to use more than I would expect. It's my first ev so will take some getting used to I think. at the moment though I have range anxiety virtually every time I go out. currently my car says I have a 100% charge with a range of 191 miles - if I travel 20 miles it somehow reduces to around 150 miles range, so I have to allow double the distance I want to travel to feel safe. never mind GOM there's POS as well (pinch of salt) now...

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