Android auto, what is it good for?

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Post by DAS »

For me just podcasts.
The Megane is a Google car so it's map integration with added car info, like charge state at end of journey is superior to the phones maps.
I can't get plugshare to work in the car, `an error has occurred.... So just podcasts for me.

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Post by Cybersimon »

Not good for playing music from USB sticks, that's for sure
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Post by neilgall »

I have an ad-free subscription to a radio app. So even though the channel is on DAB, using the phone app via Android Auto is a better experience. I use the built-in Google maps though.
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Post by sinlessUK »

Don't use it but apparently 'Android Auto brings apps to your car display so you can focus while you drive. You can control features like navigation, maps, calls, text messages, and music'. | | | |
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Post by Phorridge »

I tend to use just the car built in apps as the Android auto only works if I plugin via USB cable. It won't connect otherwise.
Its kind of neat and brings a limited set of phone funtions to the car display. But never found it useful enough to bother plugin the cable in and out.
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