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Post by hughhewitt »

Hi all,

Finally getting round to getting a wall charger installed - does anyone have any recommendations of which brand to go for and which to avoid?


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Post by natelittle »

Can absolutely 100% recommend steering clear of ProjectEV (also called growatt). The charger always disconnects from my WiFi so I have to restart it every time I want to set a timed charge. And I had nothing but trouble with the company.

First they never booked in my install after confirming the date, so the engineer never showed up. Then recently, I needed the ground rod fixing and they took about a month before they sent someone out
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Post by neilgall »

I have an Andersen A2 charger which is mostly pretty good. The hardware is excellent and looks attractive on the front of the house. Works well with my Mégane and the plugin hybrid I had previously. Integrates with my solar panels so will charge the car when there's excess solar power. The mobile app and backend service that supports it are adequate at best however. They get the job done but don't exactly fill me with joy.
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Post by prettyvacant511 »

Just got my Megane and charger installed in the last few weeks, really enjoying it so far and this forum also helped me with install of my dashcam hardwiring kit so thanks for that!!

I went with the Easee one, it’s small, decent looking, loads of functional and safety features, added bonus it looks like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs which makes me chuckle every time I look at it!
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Post by sinlessUK »

I use a Ohme Home Pro supplied and fitted by https://proev.co.uk/
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