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Post by Phorridge »

Today got in the car it was waking up from being unlocked.
Foot on brake pressed power.
Up pops a message place card in zone and start.
Card was on the phone tray.
Went in doors and got spare key card.
Again it just wouldn't turn on and let me engage drive.
Eventually I disconnected the 12v vehicle battery and re connected to get it working.
Reported to dealer and awaiting their response.

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Post by Rudaaaa »

Hi Phorridge,

I saw somewhere that the key must not be placed in the phone tray ever. I don't recall if it was in the megane manual or other car's manual.

Might hav something to do with that.
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Post by Phorridge »

The dealer told me he's had this before and the sensor in the car can get confused. And to try putting the fob near the steering column.
I'm sure I tried the fob in all sorts of places but if it happens again I'll make sure I try that.
But to be sure a 10mm spanner now lives in the driver's door pocket so I can disconnect and reconnect the battery.
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Post by Phorridge »

So today I was stuck for 20mins unable to get the car to drive.
Just ignoring keyfob.
Made sure it wasn't on the charger pad or in the centre console.
As instructed by the dealer when it happened before I tried holding the fob near the steering column, the dash, just about everywhere.
Tried locking unlocking.
Even disconnecting the 12v battery a few times.
Nothing worked.
Then just as replacement transport arrived it woke up.
Now booked into the dealer for Monday. Let's see what they find.
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Post by Milkman »

I have had the same problem with my 2 week old for the 2nd time tonight. Did you get an answer or resolution? I shall be "explaining" my anger to the dealer tomorrow I think.
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Post by Phorridge »

The dealer said it was a known issue and awaiting an update
That was months ago. Not had it since so not changed.
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Post by IanFinnan »

When the car says place key in the zone it means put it on the space below the arm rest behind your cup holder. It always solves it for me. It’s in the manual too
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Post by Woodall »

Had same issue.. had to replug in electric charge then unplug to get it back on.
alarm sounds after locking car on multiple occasions
Headlights and display blank when driving
Gearbox issue causing car to slow down which nearly caused a crash

It's now with bristol street motors and they are attaching a harness. Not sure what this is

I'll be getting petrol car after 3 years up on this
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Post by Tonuppirate »

Had the same problem started a few weeks ago and the diagram is incorrect posted on the internet. The key card zone is actually located under arm rest double pop up storage area. There are two covers that pop up when you press the button behind the front storage. There is a divet in the bottom of that storage which is the correct key zone spot.
I believe the immobilizer frequency is getting interference on the same frequency stopping the car turning on. Renault could add a 4 digit pin customers could use in the settings as an override if this occurs and placing the key doesn't work.
I own an Austral E Alpine
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Post by sinlessUK »

Keyzone shown 3:30ish in the below video. | | |
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