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In preparation for my new arrival, what EV charging apps, if any are people using?
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None at all. I think I have something called Zapmap on my phone but don’t know how to use it.

Generally speaking the cars will all tell you where the nearest charger is and if you have your credit card with you then hey presto you are sorted.

Good news is that I believe you can also subscribe to Tesla supercharger network even if you don’t have a Tesla ! Bit more expensive but probably good in an emergency.

In Scotland we have a pretty decent network run by charge place Scotland who have an app.
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Post by BillyWhizz »

As above, I've never used a charging app. I look at Zap-Map for charger locations but the car's Sat Nav will show chargers too. Have always just paid by contactless payment. Last I heard, Tesla have opened some, but not all, their sites to non Teslas. You need a Tesla app. to use their chargers and unless you also pay a subscription, they are at the high end cost wise. Biggest issue though is their charger leads are short and you would have to drive in forward and use the charger from the next bay to make it reach the charge point on the Megane (as the correct one for the bay won't reach!)
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Post by Weevil »

Obviously you can let the car tell you when and where you need to charge. For me, that's not the best way as want to make journey as efficient as possible. I use Electroverse by Octopus (but you don't have to be a customer) and the card they give you gives you access to most chargers on the network. Ahead of the journey you can do route planner which shows estimated charge on leaving and arrival at destination and if you need to stop and where might be the best place to charge for the shortest journey time. Also use ChargeFinder purely because it shows charging stations and how many chargers are available in real time and also current state of charge of people already charging. Found that really helpful as nothing worse arriving to find all full.
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