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Faults and Technical chat for the Renault Megane Electric
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I was looking for an electric car, and decided to buy e-tech, mamma mia what a big miss. If i known then what i know now, i would not even think about buying this car. Right now its impossible to drive, the whole plate under the car has fallen down, and i contact renault. They just redirect me to a reseller. The car is 4 months old. And should not be on the market. When i check under the car, the fitting for holding the plate is just some clips, just made for problems. And how the **** can someone make this so the air when driving can go between car and plate. Its common sense not build like that. And more things that is bad, i compare to my Volvo XC70, its a big difference, the renault is very "plastic" and hard seats. The good thing about the car is all the tech stuff, its working. But there is a built in firmware fault that i directed to renault, and they looking into it. Its between car and the phone app. Today i got an update on the app, i have not tested yet, but i hope its corrected.

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