Change Charging % limit from the My Renault app?

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Post by prettyvacant511 »

I might have overlooked this but in the My Renault app, is there any way to change the maximum charge % limit?

I have this set to 80% via the vehicle settings function in the car but, for example I decide I want to go on a trip tomorrow and want to charge to 100% overnight, can I change this from the app? Or only via the settings in the car 🤔

I can change charging mode in the app ie instant, delayed, scheduled, can’t see any way to change the limit though

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Post by natelittle »

I haven't found a way, and I really want this to be a feature. It's a bit annoying having to go to the car to change the charge limit
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Post by neilgall »

For what it's worth, I've been experimenting with the Renault API to automate things, and this setting isn't currently available there either, so it's more than just an app ommision I think.

My compromise is to set the car's target to 100%, then my automation code has its own target and stops the EV charger once the car reaches it. I poll every 15 minutes as the Renault API is heavily rate-limited.

The idea is to charge to a base level (60% by default but I can override it via an Alexa skill) on cheap electricity at night, then let whatever excess solar I have during the day go to the car. I've reached 100% on excess solar once this year.
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