Had my Megane Electric for one week now. - all good.

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Uin C
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Hi. Had mines for 3 days now. 😃
Collected it with 266 miles range available
After 127 miles trip and full charge to 100 % only 179 miles availability ? Any ideas seems quite a lot less than I expected?
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Hi Uin C.

Temperature outside can have a major impact on the range as well as driving style. Forgive me if you know how to do this but after each charge make sure you reset the trip computer using the right toggle switch on the steering wheel. This might change the displayed expected range at least.

FYI, when I collected my car it was showing 280 miles. It was zero degrees Celsius outside and my actual range dropped to 200 miles. My second charge the car showed a range of 190 miles. Third charge the temp has increased to around 10 degrees and the range showed 227.

Fingers crossed all will be good but keep an eye open anyway.

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I am really struggling for range which has, at best, averaged 163 since I’ve had the car. The actual figure is almost certainly lower as there was a fair bit of delivery mileage on the car before it’s first charge and I don’t know how much of the total mileage was therefore done before the dealer charged the car to 100% ready for me to collect it (if I remember the delivery mileage correctly, the actual average range is probably nearer 150).

Ignoring the delivery mileage, I have calculated the (best case) range as follows:

Car charged to 100% when picked up and run down to 20% before recharging = 80% used
Car then charged from 20% to 80% and run back down to 20% = 60% used
Car charged to 80% again and 48% left as at last night = 32% used
Total charge used = 172%

Mileage = 280

Range (280/1.72) = 163

I have found the remaining range on the dashboard to be optimistic; it pretty much always predicts 2 miles for each % of battery left and, up to last night, I have never achieved this on a trip (I did think one trip had been achieved without the range dropping but I now think I was wrong).

Having discovered the dashboard “Consumption” figures last night I noticed it said “Climate and other” had used an average of 10kwh per 100 miles (other must be music I think). This equates to over 25% of my total use above and would mean the range would be about 223 miles if I used no heat or music.

It’s fair to remember the first 200 miles or so in the car were in very low temperatures (which are obviously bad for range) and more recent trips suggest I may now be getting nearer 180-190 range around town.

The range on the 90 mile trip back with the car (including a fair amount of 60-70 mph driving) was hardly any worse than I’ve achieved since, so in some ways this is a plus as far as longer trips go and I guess the heating will have a lower impact (percentage wise) on longer trips as it will, I assume, use a certain amount of power per hour and if I’m going 60 instead of 30 I’ll get twice the mileage for the same amount of electricity used by the heater?!

This morning, I took the car for a drive on the forest roads near us. I was in eco mode and I stayed at 30 mph apart from the odd couple of times I would have been holding somebody up (then went up to near the limit of 40) and I had no music or heat on. I checked the mileage when the battery % dropped then again each time it fell again and whilst this was over a fairly short distance (about 12 miles) I calculated an averaged range of 295!

I was going to contact Renault to have the car checked out but I’m leaning toward thinking there is nothing wrong with it and the poor range is down to a mix of the temperature, the constant use of the heater and, perhaps, town driving not being as good for range as sites like EV Database suggest.

How are others getting on with range, what are people using heat wise (I have it set at 20) and what driving mode are they in (I have been using Comfort but switched to Eco yesterday). Also, would those who have had other electric cars be able to share any experiences (particularly how things may vary due to the cold weather and whether an EV's range may improve after a running in period - as I have done relatively few miles so far)?
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We've had our 60KW E-Tech about 3 weeks.
We are getting around 180 miles a charge maybe 160.
Slightly harder to measure as we normally only charge to 80% to help prolong battery life.
Do you have the Aircon in eco mode?
That helps.
Also do you use full regen by clicking the left-hand paddle 4 times when you start?
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Im currently sitting at 3.2 per kw, over the last week and a half, mix of towns and 40mph stretches of road, short journeys furthest 8 miles.
Car in eco mode with ac changed to eco, full regen. Max temp this period 6°c

Have also had a couple of blasts along some 60mph country roads in sport mode
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I wish there was a setting to allow default full regen. It's a faff to have to remember to paddle up the regen every engine start.
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Looks like most people are getting a similar range. I'll have a look at the climate control and other settings as suggested, which will hopefully help and perhaps I just need to be patient and see what happens as the weather improves.
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I would forget the reset the trip, this was recommended to me, I tried this after a charge, I lost 40 miles. Another hopeful mith by Renault.
My Megane etech is going back for another check 5th time in a year, if you state 280 miles, you would expect 230-240 out of that not 160-180, not as advertised Renault.
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Charged my car to 80% last night and range was displaying 225 miles although it was about 185 during the colder weather. I drive with ECO default setting and unless in heavy traffic turn the regen off, coasting shows a recovery of 14 to 18 kWh.
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