Windscreen stress crack

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Pedro in Devon
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Post by Pedro in Devon »

Anyone had a problem with the windscreen stress cracking at the very bottom and then spreading up the screen? This is the case with me and my friend who bought e techs within a week or so of each other. No impact on screen just obvious horizontal stress cracks at very bottom of screen. My screen has now started to crack vertically so will need to be replaced. Car in with Renault today and I want this fixed under warranty as it is obviously a manufacturing issue. Anyone else have this problem?

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Post by Phorridge »

No not after 5 months of use. Did have a stone chip that was repaired but otherwise good.
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Post by press6789 »

Yes I have a crack which started from the bottom left of the screen.

Had car in December cracked 3 weeks ago. Still waiting for replacement glass.
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Post by Marky »

Yes I have a crack along the bottom of the screen having started on right side and centre. No stone impact point .. looks like a stress crack .. seeing dealer about it tomorrow
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