Calender App not working?

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Post by Milkman »

The Calendar app that comes built-in with the car won't work (for me anyway). I use "google calendar" app on my phone and pc. I had assumed it would sync as it too is google, but nothing. Says it's starting up or you may need to check settings in the companion app.
I don't know, it does have a different icon so maybe it's a different app developed for cars?

Anyone out there had success with it?


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Post by Phorridge »

never worked out how to get it to work.
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Post by GaryB »

If you dig deeper into the app permissions switches there isnt one for calendar which means Renault have not deployed it. I’ve reported this among other issues by post to the head of software in Renault France and he’s replied that the issues I reported are being looked at. When I have more time I’ll share the details.
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